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Ocean to Table: Chef Ollard’s Daily Specials

August 12, 2011

Chef Stephen Ollard is a seafood and produce locavore. He’s always dreaming up great new plates for his guests, offering a few unique seafood specials each day including a rotating Crudo Plate and variety of fresh catches with a choice of three preparations. Ollard and General Manager Laura Lovisone also hand select the best wines […]

A Lesson In Seafood Economics

August 5, 2011

While lots of school stuff really did fall into the “things I will never need to know again” category, economics is something I use and think of every day. Thanks to rising gas prices and dropping dows, the whole world has a front row seat in Econ 101. I recently continued my real world education […]

Amen Poppin’ Up Everywhere

July 29, 2011

Unless you really live underground, you’ve heard of Guerrilla Cuisine dinners, maybe even have been lucky enough to have a seat at the table. The best part of this underground dinner club experience is the suspense. What’s on the menu? Who are you sitting with? Where will it be? Guerrilla creator jimihatt likes to keep […]

Tales from the Raw Bar

July 6, 2011

On a recent hot, hazy day on the peninsula, I met a friend at Amen Street for a cool afternoon glass of Sauvignon Blanc or two after work. It wasn’t long before we decided to dabble in Amen’s Raw Bar selections. The menu obviously offers Amen’s famed oysters, but also presents some non-shellfish options. On […]

Break Out the Bibs

June 29, 2011

Because you’ll be drooling over Amen Street’s Fresh Blackberry Bread Pudding. This desert is seriously delicious, decadent and worth every, single calorie. It puts any other bread pudding you’ve ever tasted to shame. Each spoonful of the Blackberry Bread Pudding promises a warm rush of rich, buttery goodness.  The pudding is a perfect vehicle for […]

Amen Street is a Real Catch…

June 22, 2011

… and so is the South Carolina Aquarium, who works tirelessly to educate the community on their Sustainable Seafood Initiative. Amen Street stands behind the initiative and carries the proud Platinum Partner title. On the evening of Tuesday, June 14th,  Amen Street welcomed forty guests for a five course meal and specialty wine pairings in honor of the Sustainable Seafood […]

Fear of Restaurant Commitment?

June 8, 2011

In a recent poll of Charleston men and women, many reported “fear of committing to a restaurant” as their #1 phobia. Basically these people would rather go head-to-head with a spider or give a speech than choose a restaurant for dinner Friday night. Amen Street is here to help conquer your fear of finding a […]

Sustainable Seafood: It’s What’s for Dinner

June 1, 2011

The city of Charleston is literally below sea level. This can be a bit scary during hurricane season, but it means we have access to super fresh fish year round. Most Charlestonians would agree, the risk is of a storm is worth the promise of some of the world’s greatest seafood. Not to brag or […]

Lunch with a Side of Leftover Cash

May 25, 2011

For the first time since college, my bank account has dipped below $200. While this would have been no sweat off my back a few years ago, I now have a car payment and loans to pay off. Thanks to automatic bill pay, I could find myself in an overdraft situation before payday if I’m […]

Chef Ollard’s Shrimp and Grits Recipe in Restaurants of Charleston Cookbook

May 18, 2011

Chef Stephen Ollard recently donated his mouth-watering shrimp and grits recipe to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Restaurants of Charleston Cookbook. Over 43,000 people were diagonosed with blood cancers in 2010. Amen Street is proud to contribute to finding the cure for a disease that affects all too many of us. For $30 you can own the Restaurants of Charleston […]

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