Barramundi and Sheepshead on the Menu

December 16, 2011

Amen Street has some amazing specials this weekend, including a few selections you may have never seen or eaten. It’s a great weekend to branch out and try something new. First up is Blackened Sheepshead with a Boursin Cheese Grit Cake, Braised Tatsoi and Swiss Chard. You read that correct. While you may have an initial feeling of confusion, […]

Triggerfish the Fresh Catch this Weekend at Amen Street

November 4, 2011

Abundantly available in South Carolina salt waters this November is the Gray Triggerfish, not to be confused with the flourescent Triggerfish you may have seen in an aquarium. According to the SC Aquarium Sustainable Seafood Initiative, Gray Triggerfish is one of the most sustainable fish to catch and eat during this final full month of fall. The Triggerfish is a champion of the underwater world. […]

Amen Street Restaurant Serves Best, Fresh Fish

September 30, 2011

Amen Street is a proud Platinum Partner in the South Carolina Aquarium’s Sustainable Seafood Initiative. This means Amen Street is a restaurant that serves the best seafood available. It’s always fresh and whenever possible, a local catch. Being a sustainable seafood restaurant also means Amen Street believes in featuring seafood entrees with fish that are abundantly available and “in season”.  It’s kind of […]

Choose Amen Street for Charleston Restaurant Week

August 26, 2011

Charleston Restaurant Week: it’s the most wonderful time of the year.  This year, the dates are set for September 7-18th. That’s twelve, glorious days to treat your taste buds. The list of restaurants is pretty amazing, but your obvious choice should be Amen Street. Amen Street will offer three courses for $30. (That’s an appetizer, entree and dessert for the price […]

Ocean to Table: Chef Ollard’s Daily Specials

August 12, 2011

Chef Stephen Ollard is a seafood and produce locavore. He’s always dreaming up great new plates for his guests, offering a few unique seafood specials each day including a rotating Crudo Plate and variety of fresh catches with a choice of three preparations. Ollard and General Manager Laura Lovisone also hand select the best wines […]

A Lesson In Seafood Economics

August 5, 2011

While lots of school stuff really did fall into the “things I will never need to know again” category, economics is something I use and think of every day. Thanks to rising gas prices and dropping dows, the whole world has a front row seat in Econ 101. I recently continued my real world education […]

Lunch with a Side of Leftover Cash

May 25, 2011

For the first time since college, my bank account has dipped below $200. While this would have been no sweat off my back a few years ago, I now have a car payment and loans to pay off. Thanks to automatic bill pay, I could find myself in an overdraft situation before payday if I’m […]

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