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With Southeastern Wildlife Expo approaching this weekend, you’re given the opportunity to have some of the very last steamed oysters of the season. A Charleston rite of passage, oyster roasts are a great excuse to gather around a table, get messy and sip a cold beer. If you don’t consider yourself an oyster pro, there’s a bit of an intimidation factor to tackling a bucket of steamed oysters, or even a plate of raw ones.

If you’re getting prepared for this weekend’s SEWE oyster festivities, take a lesson from John Bil, Prince Edward Island native and Oyster Restaurateur. The waters surrounding Prince Edward Island are home to some of the world’s finest oysters, famous for their Malpeque variety, inspiring Bil to study the craft of oyster enjoyment. He holds the title of Canada’s three-time Oyster Shucking Champion, able to shuck a single oyster in less than five seconds. In this video from Bon Appetit’s blog, he breaks down a few simple steps to popping open an oyster without cutting up your hands and easily breaking the oyster free in one, beautiful piece. Check it out and take some notes (though we DEFINITELY suggest some gloves…)

We’ve got to hand it to John Bil for his talented express-shucking, but we prefer to stick to a Southern-shucking pace for your pleasure. Sit down behind the marble bar, sip a beer and enjoy our shucker doing the work for you. Amen Street offers delicious trays of oysters on the half shell. Choose from a fresh selection of local Gulf Oysters or select a bunch of frequently changing Unique Oysters, hailing from oyster meccas in New England and the Pacific Northwest to name a few. Our oysters are served with fresh, house made condiments like the Amen Street twist on Mignonette Sauce, a spicy vinegar-based companion to our fresh cocktail sauce.

Eating raw oysters can raise a few eyebrows from those who have not yet perfected the art. Let us assure you that there really is no correct way to eat raw oysters. But, slurping is encouraged and so is savoring the oyster. Before throwing it right down the hatch, give the oyster a few chews to experience its unique taste. In a 2009 interview with Vanity Fair, John Bil shared a few helpful tips for enjoying a tray of oysters, including a few descriptors to pepper in to dinner time conversation (read: salty, sweet, briny, gooey…)

Maybe the easiest- and most fun- way to consume an oyster is throwing back an Oyster Shooter. A delicious little delicacy and perfect treat on a Sunday morning before brunch. Made spicy with our house-infused pepper vodka, Bloody mary mix and topped off with an oyster.

There are so many ways to enjoy the oysters at Amen Street’s Raw Bar. Stop in and find your favorite one.

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