Could this be the perfect meal?

Oh yes, I do think so.

This is no ordinary burger. What you’re seeing here is an 80% lean beef monster of a sandwich stacked with thick tomatoes, crispy lettuce and provolone cheese. Enough for you? No, well, then let’s add some garlic mayo and spicy dijon mustard. There we go, now we’re cookin’ with bacon, sweet n’ salty Nueske bacon that is. Did I forget to mention the bacon? Well now you know.

Amen burger: check

Thirsty? Maybe a little hungover? I’ve got the perfect little pill for you – Amen’s own Bloody Mary. This drink is like a meal in and of itself featuring pickled okra and onion, green olive, lemon, lime and pepperoncini, adorning the glass rim with green, vinegary goodness. Jalapeno-infused vodka and house mix including A-1 and Cattlemen’s barbeque sauces blend together to awaken your dull tastebuds and make em’ dance! Or at least bring you back to the realm of humanity. Welcome!

Amen Bloody Mary: check

And there you have it folks, what you’ll want this weekend, after a long night out, or maybe right before 😉



2 thoughts on “Could this be the perfect meal?”

  1. sooo, i was at Amen Street five days ago, and i’m pretty sure i’ve been craving the signature Bloody Mary every day since then. please tell me your secret. i must know the recipe, because i cannot wait until i am in Charleston again to have one.

    1. thank you danielle we can’t wait to serve you again, we would share the recipe but its our secret 😉

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