Break Out the Bibs

So. Good.

Because you’ll be drooling over Amen Street’s Fresh Blackberry Bread Pudding. This desert is seriously delicious, decadent and worth every, single calorie. It puts any other bread pudding you’ve ever tasted to shame.

Each spoonful of the Blackberry Bread Pudding promises a warm rush of rich, buttery goodness.  The pudding is a perfect vehicle for the thick, creamy crème anglaise sauce it rests in. Southern blackberries reach their peak of ripeness in June, making this desert especially fresh and special this time of year. I suggest washing it down with a cold glass of Rex Goliath Moscato.

Mmm, mmm. The Blackberry Bread Pudding recipe is one of Chef Stephen Ollard’s tried and true selections. This dish was one of the first Stephen created for his mentor, Chef Alain Saley.

Rumor has it, the version he serves at Amen Street is a lighter than the original. Hard to even imagine.  We hope you got an “A”.

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