Abundant Seafood provides fresh fish for Amen Street

Amen Street is excited to be working with Mark Marhefka of Abundant Seafood to provide our guests with the finest (and freshest) catch available for our Wine Dinner.

Abundant Seafood is a family owned business that strives to keep sustainably caught seafood local by operating a Community Supported Fishery Program (CSF) which gets fresh fish from the boat directly into the hands of the consumer. This direct contact between fisherman and client assures that the day’s catch is just that, caught that day.

Markefka is personally overseeing the quality of our catch for the Dinner, and we bet you can taste the difference in Abundant Seafood’s grouper, Red Porgy and Triggerfish.

Amen Street Fish and Raw bar is proud to work with Abundant seafood and pleased to support his business and CSF.



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