New Oysters at Amen Street Fish & Raw Bar, Charleston SC

If you are downtown for lunch or dinner this week, we highly recommend you try the new oysters at Amen Street Fish & Raw Bar in Charleston, SC. We’ve been receiving oysters from Wallace Bay in Nova Scotia and East Beach Blondes in Rhode Island and they are both amazing!  If you love oysters (and we know you do!), then you simply have to try these.

Wallace Bay – Nova Scotia, Canada

These oysters are between 3” – 3.5” in size and have a robust, salty start and smooth, clean finish.
Wallace Village is named after William Wallace, a Scottish folk hero (remember the movie Braveheart?). Wallace Bay oysters are as fierce in taste as the legendary man for which the village is named. They are definitely a dream come true for the oyster connoisseur.

East Beach Blondes – Rhode Island

Hailing from the North, these “blonde” beauties are grown in the Charlestown Salt Pond in East Beach, Rhode Island.  Located within Block Island Sound, the pond is shallow and fed with several freshwater streams making it a fantastic location for farming oysters.  The East Beach Blondes are about 3-3.5″ in size with a salty start and buttery aftertaste. They’ve quickly become a favorite at our raw bar!

Amen Street’s raw bar boasts an extensive menu of oysters that not only includes local favorites, but oysters from the best national and Canadian regions. Many of the oyster varieties on our menu aren’t typically seen in Charleston and we are proud to introduce them to local oyster lovers.

Amen Street is open 7 days a week.  Dining reservations can be made by calling 843-853-8600 or online.

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