Amen Street’s Famous Oyster…Chandeliers!

Oyster Chandelier at Amen Street

Amen Street Fish and Raw Bar in downtown Charleston SC is well-known for their fresh, delicious oysters.  Patrons love ’em raw, fried, in a shooter and hanging from our ceilings.  Huh?

Of course, we aren’t talking about the oysters that are enjoyed slurped, swallowed or chewed.  We’re talking about our other oysters…more specifically, our oyster shell chandeliers that boldly hang across our restaurant from front to back.

Without fail, every day at Amen Street a customer or two (or three or four…you get the picture) will favorably comment on our chandeliers.  We’ve even seen them show up on our fans’ Twitter and Facebook pages as little symbols that they’ve been at our restaurant (which is really awesome and we thank you!). We have to admit, even if you are just walking by on East Bay Street, the chandeliers are hard to miss.  We also have to agree with our customers, they’re pretty fantastic!

Our oyster chandeliers are artful showstoppers that enhance the vibe of our entire restaurant decor.  Like a photo or interesting vase that you have set in a special place in your home, our one-of-a-kind chandeliers come with a story.

When planning Amen Street, owner Keith Jones, envisioned oyster chandeliers as the perfect organic design element for the restaurant.  He had a sketch and an idea, but needed to find a manufacturer.  His search led him to Sabenti Custom Designs in nearby Savannah, Georgia.

Owned by Tim and Laura Adams, Sabenti lighting designs are a true labor of love.  The couple creates gorgeous “functional art” by combining natural elements with recycled steel.  Laura spends hours on Savannah River beaches sifting through piles of seashells, driftwood and oyster shells to find perfect and/or unusual natural elements.  Back at the studio set in an industrial environment, Tim welds recycled steel to create the frames.  When the two come together, they create art that contrasts two different worlds, but give both beauty and functionality.

Each Sabenti lighting fixture is hand-drilled, hand-tied and 100% handmade.  The amount of time, attention to detail and unique features are evident in every masterpiece that is created.  The Adams’ designs have garnered both local and national press for their original and beautiful use of natural, raw and recycled materials. (Not to mention hundreds of admiring fans in Charleston, SC!)

The oyster shell chandeliers that hang in our restaurant were uniquely and exclusively created for Amen Street.  Tim and Laura are currently working on art deco inspired chandeliers for Amen Street’s new sister restaurant, Stars Grill Room & Rooftop Bar, set to open late summer on upper King Street.  Stepping away from the beach, Laura and Tim will be using recycled rondels and recycled colored glass made from melted bottles to give Stars its own unique look.  Here’s a sneak preview…

We are sure the chandeliers that will adorn Stars will be just as eye-catching and admired as the beloved oyster chandeliers in Amen Street!

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