Try the Tilefish

In need of a new fish?

Try Amen Street’s Tilefish. Chef Ollard specially created a hearty dinner for this Friday night by pan roasting tilefish and serving it alongside roasted artichoke, fennel and mushroom ragout. By Charleston standards, this chilly day can almost be declared winterous, so what better way to enjoy than with warm winter veggies and ragout?

Tilefish might sound a bit more exotic than your standard flounder and snapper, but be assured it’s just as delicious and familiar. According to the NOAA FishWatch Facts, the taste of tilefish is likened to crab or lobster. Tilefish are extremely nutrious and low in calorie, definitely an added bonus with a Thanksgiving feast in the near future.

Tilefish have some interesting traits. They are notorious for burrowing into the ground for shelter which create “submarine canyons” or “pueblos”. In the underwater world they are also referred to as “clowns of the sea” for their neon blue, green and irredescent stripes, white bellies, pink faces and blue eyes. Too bad the name Clownfish was already taken. Some tilefish live to be 40 or 50 years old and can grow up to 50 inches long.

Tilefish faced overfishing in the 1980s, but with new fishing regulations, many more Tilefish lives have been spared, giving them time to reproduce and replish the population.  Over 75% of tilefish are caught by longline fishermen, the rest with standard hook and line or spearfishing even. The biggest Golden Tilefish fisheries are here in South Carolina, so Amen Street is in a short reach from the best selection.

We’d love to see you tonight! Make sure to check out the rest of our specials and reserve a table.

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