Andrew Zimmern Films Bizarre Foods at Amen Street

With Conde Nast readers dubbing Charleston the “Best City in America”, it’s no wonder why Travel Channel celebrity and food explorer, Andrew Zimmern would cruise through town. With Amen Street serving the best local oysters, it’s also no wonder why Mr. Zimmern would stop by to sample our raw bar selections.

Just last week, Andrew Zimmern and his crew from Bizarre Foods visited the Holy City, making a stop at some of the city’s best restaurants. While chatting with the City Paper, he praised Charleston for its unique and delicious cuisine. Unique, being the key factor in featuring Charleston on his show. (While raw oysters aren’t a novel concept for Southerners, they certainly are for our landlocked midwestern neighbors and other viewers around the world.)

Before sampling Amen Street’s oysters, Andrew visited our supplier in Bulls Bay, an area north of Mount Pleasant known for the lowcountry’s best oyster harvest. Because of Amen’s committment to local, sustainable seafood, we regularly feature Bulls Bay Oysters on our menu. Our quick, delicious preparation, homemade condiments, cold beer and chic, unique bar combine for a perfectly bizarre oyster experience.

Thank you, Andrew and the Bizarre Foods crew for stopping in.

Amen Street’s Travel Channel debut will be in the winter of 2012. Make sure to tune in and see Andrew Zimmern shuckin’ oysters at Amen.


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