Best Softshell Crabs Downtown Charleston at Amen Street!

Spring in Charleston signifies different things for locals, but for us at Amen Street Fish and Rawbar it means we are serving the best soft shell crabs Downtown Charleston SC, on our lunch and dinner menus.  Yes Charleston, they’re back!

Soft shell crabs are sweet and tender with a mild, tangy flavor. Chef Stephen Ollard promises another season of the best seafood with soft shell crabs at the top of the list.  The most highly anticipated dish among Charlestonians is the Soft Shell Crab BLT.  With fresh fried crab, crispy bacon, juicy tomato and lettuce, the BLT is satisfying and delicious.

On Amen Street’s dinner menu, you can expect soft shell crabs to be served to your liking whether it be blackened, grilled or fried.  Chef Stephen always has special additions to the menu each night so, you never know what new and creative soft shell crab dishes he will be offering.  Whatever they may be, you can count on them to be positively mouth watering!

As with all our seafood, the soft shell crabs served at Amen Street are sustainable and fresh.  The soft shell crab season begins when water temperatures hit around 59 degrees and blue crabs begin to shed their hard shells. Typically, this begins during the first full moon in May. However, with warmer water temperatures in Southern states, we are able to get our soft shell crabs from the Georgia Coast now. In a few weeks, Amen Street will begin featuring local soft shell crabs when Charleston water temperatures rise.

Soft shell crabs are so popular because without the hard shell, you can enjoy the entire tender crab not just the claws.  The season begins in the Spring and lasts through the end of Summer.  Along with sunshine, gentle breezes and strolling around our beautiful downtown Charleston, soft shell crabs are one of those sweet signs of Spring in the Holy City.  Come in and enjoy with us at Amen Street!

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