Amen Poppin’ Up Everywhere

Unless you really live underground, you’ve heard of Guerrilla Cuisine dinners, maybe even have been lucky enough to have a seat at the table. The best part of this underground dinner club experience is the suspense. What’s on the menu? Who are you sitting with? Where will it be? Guerrilla creator jimihatt likes to keep Charleston on its toes. Just when I thought his Guerrilla concept couldn’t get any cooler, he introduced a killer new surprise with Guerrilla Cuisine Pop-up Dinners.

Back in June, Chef Ollard served up his first Guerrilla Cuisine dinner, Version 1.0, and was just invited back as one of the first chefs to present a Pop-up Dinner.

Pop-up Dinners are a more intimate, less expensive way to experience Guerilla Cuisine. It’s perfect if you want a trail run or if you’re just a foodie on a budget.

Ollard’s pop-up dinner was at Lava Salon in West Ashley last Sunday. On the menu were his newest creations: Cobia Ceviche, various sushi and sliders, Barbeque Lamb Belly and Shrimp Mac ‘n Cheese.

Rumor has it these dishes will be available at Amen Street’s bar by the end of summer. But, more on that later…

Join us in supporting jimihatt, Guerrilla Cuisine and Charleston’s team of super chefs. Check out the upcoming events and grab a spot at the table.

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