Become one with the Raw Bar

One of my favorite things about Charleston is oysters and, honestly, this comes as a surprise to most of my friends as family. Growing up, I was a very meat and potatoes kind of gal who didn’t go much for “that raw stuff”, but lately I can’t seem to get enough of it! Crudo, sushi, sashimi, oysters, even my steaks are rare these days!

With that said, the bounty of the raw bar is my friend and ally in the world of food. Amen Street Chef Stephen Ollard is always experimenting with new items to add to the menu and I have been lucky enough to sample a few.

And of course, we do not neglect the mighty oyster, king of the bivalves and always tastier raw.

These Shigoku oysters are hard to find and even harder to turn down. Their meat is easy to chew and swallow raw, not stretchy or gummy, with a light vinegary aftertaste and very little salt. On The Oyster Guide Rowan Jacobson writes in the praise of the soft clean treat and Top Chef’s Eli Kirshtein shows us around a box at Eno in Atlanta.

To try some raw delights of your own, visit us at Amen Street and let the Chef recommend something really fresh!



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