New Cocktail in Downtown Charleston SC at Amen Street

Sailing into Amen Street a new exciting cocktail in Downtown Charleston South Carolina.

Just down the road in the Florida Keys, blue waters and beautiful life along the Gulf inspired Ernest Hemingway to write some of America’s most prized books. Though known for things books like For Whom the Bell Tolls and The Sun Also Rises, he was also known for working with a drink in hand. In his honor, we’ve created a delicious new beverage for warm weather consumption at Amen Street.

Though obviously a famous writer, we appreciate Hemmingway for his notorious fishing and drinking habits. Seafood and drinks are afterall, two things that get our gears turning. This spring, Amen Street’s mixologists looked to the colorful life of Mr. Hemmingway and stirred together the Hemingway Mojito specialty cocktail.

This big, beautiful liquor-filled glass blends Florida citrus, tropical tastes and Key West colors. The Hemingway Mojito is light and crisp, made with fresh mint, muddled grapefruit, spiked with Bacardi and sunset-red Italian Campari. Evening out the tangy-taste and buzz of alcohol is a big splash of fresh grapefruit juice and soda water. The Hemingway Mojito specialty cocktail is a lovely twist on a standard sweet mojito. A thirst quencher for the humid days and sunny skies ahead in the not-so-distant future.

Drink enough Hemmingway Mojitos and you might find yourself sprouting a white beard, fishing for marlin and writing classic novels. Meet the Hemmingway Martini, your new pal this spring at Amen Street.

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