Dishing up the Best Seafood for Restaurant Week in Downtown Charleston

Try the Best Seafood Restaurant for Charleston Restaurant Week at Amen Street!

As we prepare one delicious seafood dish after the next for Charleston Restaurant Week, we’re reminded of just how special fish, shrimp and oysters are. Not many culinary destinations are lucky enough to have an ocean or river full of fresh fish nearby, or have seafood sustainability initiatives in place to protect the supply. Our Restaurant Week menu, like our regular menu, is full of fresh options, to make you feel good about eating seafood today and for years to come.

In the spirit of Restaurant Week, here is some food for thought from Barton Seaver, seafood and sustainability expert…

“…The vast majority of consumers do not have a relationship with fish. A fish is a living entity whose value is as a contributing part of an ecosystem. When a fish meets a person, that fish becomes seafood. And it is with seafood that we have a relationship, the value of which is as a part of our sustenance.”

Barton Seaver is a champion in the Sustainable Seafood Movement. He is a major player in the Green Chef Blue Ocean Initiative, an initiative that Amen’s Chef Stephen Ollard also supports. When Amen Street meets fish, we turn that fish into some of the best seafood available in downtown Charleston- for its freshness and delicious, unique prepartion. Since Chef Ollard is an “Ocean Friendly Chef”, he chooses local fisherman and seafood sources whenever possible.

So what’s the most sustainable seafood on our Restaurant Week menu? According to the South Carolina Sustainable Seafood Initiative, all of ’em. At this time of year, Golden Tilefish, Oysters and Shrimp are all “in season” and sustainable.  Come and try our 3 courses for $30 at Amen Street and experience some of the freshest seafood on the peninsula.

Boost your fish knowledge and check out the Blue Ocean Institute’s Fish Guide.

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