Meet Amen’s Expert Oyster Shucker

FullSizeRenderWhen Timothy Watts helped move a friend to Charleston, SC from Buffalo, NY in 2011,he only had plans to stay for one week. When the week was over his mind was already made up; he was here to stay. Tim began working in the kitchen at Amen Street, where he spent a year learning the ins and outs of a busy restaurant before becoming our official oyster shucker. Perfectly opening an oyster shell without damaging the delicate meat inside is not an easy task, but Tim is a proud perfectionist, and has always been up for the challenge! Ask him what was he likes best about living in Charleston, and he’ll tell you without question it’s his garden where he grows fresh mint. Tim’s favorite local oyster variety is the Otter Island oyster from local seafood purveyor, St. Jude Farms. Some of his favorite specialty oysters come from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI.

The most oysters shucked in 1 night: 113 dozen on a random night

Avg # of oysters shucked in a night: 80 doz

Number of pearls found: 15 (saved 1 for his niece)

Favorite specialty oyster and why: Gooseberry Bay, Malpeque, PEI. “Not too big, not too small, very briny and clean finish”


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