Seafood Favorites from Amen Street Fish & Raw Bar

Whether you’re visiting Charleston or you’re a longtime local resident like Chef Taimanglo, you’d probably agree that the best meals around these parts include at least one portion of fresh seafood. We could go on and on about the many perks of being located in this historic coastal town, but at the top of our list we’ll always include the bounty of fresh seafood that’s available right here in our waterways. Because of this advantage, Amen Street Fish & Raw Bar sources locally as much as possible. When we can’t source locally, we work with fishermen and farms up and down the east coast. This varied sourcing ensures that we have the widest variety of the freshest in-season seafood all year long.

If you asked us to pick a favorite fresh seafood dish from one of our menus, we’d be in trouble – we love them all! We encourage you to try whatever strikes your fancy, but just in case you can’t decide, here are a few that are sure to make your taste buds happy:

Flash in a Pan Piralou

Flash in the Pan Pirlau, Has been on the menu since the first day the restaurant opened and includes all types of seafood from up and down the coast. Chef Taimanglo uses jasmine rice because of it’s nutty flavor along with diced fennel, carrots, white corn and celery. Atop a perfect bed of jasmine rice are fresh scallops, shrimp, mussels and clams. It’s a lighter, more adventurous alternative to Shrimp and Grits. And Pirlau is something you really can’t get just anywhere.

Amen Street She-Crab Soup
She-crab soup is such a staple around here that it could easily be qualified as the quintessential “Charleston” dish. We make ours using an age-old Charleston recipe and finish it with a dash of dry sherry. The cup portion is perfect for a snack or appetizer, and the bowl portion makes a great lunch when paired with one of our fresh salads.

Fresh Oysters
There is nothing from the ocean we love more than oysters! Our love of these salty little bivalves has led us to stock an exceptionally wide variety from farms here in SC and up and down the east coast. When the weather is too warm for oysters in the Lowcountry, we can get them from farms located further north, ensuring that we have a fresh supply of several varietals, all year long. Oyster lovers and first-timers are welcome to pull up a stool at our Raw Bar and ask our experts about each one! Some of our favorite local oysters right now are the Charleston Salts, from St. Jude Farms in Green Pond, SC, Caper’s Blades from Clammer Dave in McClellanville, SC, and Single Ladies from Lady’s Island, SC.

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