Feeling Crabby? Head to Amen Street, Charleston SC

Fresh seafood and Charleston SC go hand in hand especially at Amen Street Fish and Raw Bar.  While we are known for our variety of fresh seafood appetizers and entrees, one of our most popular menu items are our crab selections.  If you are heading to Charleston with a craving for crab delicacies, come on in to Amen Street.  We’re serving up fresh, delicious crab just the way you like ’em.

Let’s start with…starters, of course.  A Charleston classic and one that is perfected by Chef Ramon  Taimanglo, is Amen’s She-Crab Soup.  Topped with sherry, get your fix with either a cup or a bowl of our very best soup.  A beloved Southern treat, She-Crab Soup is enjoyed any time of year…even when it’s 95 degrees in the Summer. It doesn’t matter.  It is simply too delicious to confine to cooler months!

Speaking of beloved favorites, truly great, fresh crab cakes probably tops the list among folks in Charleston.  At Amen Street, we offer Crab Cakes two different ways. If you are looking for a starter, we suggest our crab cake appetizer (pictured right) served with sweet onion remoulade and marinated tomatoes.  If you are craving a crab cake meal then our entree is sure to please.  Served with whipped potatoes, asparagus and sweet onion remoulade, our Crab Cake dinner entree is one of the most popular dishes at Amen Street.

Whether it’s lunch or dinner, sometimes there is nothing better than a really great sandwich.  If you love a hearty sandwich and you love fresh shellfish then our Hot Shrimp & Crab Sandwich was made just for you.  Served with grilled tomato, Charleston Bloomy-Rind cheese and lemon aioli, our Hot Shrimp & Crab Sandwich simply has to be tasted to be truly appreciated.  So good!

Of course at Amen Street, you never know what amazing creation may be offered on our daily Chef’s Specials menu including fresh crab specialities.  A recent addition to the specials menu was Mac-n-Cheese served with
Shrimp, Lump Crab, Caramelized Fennel, Haricot Vert and Parmesan-Brie Mornay.  We know, we know….ridiculously delicious!

The next time you are feeling a bit crabby, keep in mind that Amen Street Fish and Raw Bar has the perfect remedy!  See you soon…

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