Best Burger in Charleston SC at Amen Street

Fresh local seafood is a specialty at Amen Street in Charleston SC, but have you tried our baconlicious burger? Yup, we’re claiming bragging rights on the best burger in Charleston, too.  Once you take a bite, we think you’ll agree this is justified boasting!

To be honest, it’s not just us.  Based on the number of orders we have each week for the Amen Burger, we’ve allowed our patron’s praise and repeat business to do most of the bragging for us.

As any burger aficionado knows, what makes a truly great burger is fresh, quality meat that has been cooked to juicy perfection.  No matter what else you put on a burger, it has to be able to stand on its own to be truly great. At Amen Street, our 10 oz. burgers are handmade using Certified USDA Black Angus beef.

Of course, toppings only enhance the great burger experience. At Amen Street, you can have your burger straight up or customized to your personal taste.  As with everything else on our menu, your choices are anything but basic.  For cheese fans, choose from cheddar, swiss, pimento or blue cheese.  We offer Nueske’s applewood bacon for those who simply have to go big with their burgers! Nueske’s premium bacon is very lean and infused with quality spices that have been blended by hand.

Our burgers are served on a toasted potato bun with lettuce, tomato and a side of flat top potatoes.  It is the perfect choice for lunch, dinner or grabbing a quick bite at the bar.

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