Amen Street Restaurant Serves Best, Fresh Fish

Amen Street is a proud Platinum Partner in the South Carolina Aquarium’s Sustainable Seafood Initiative. This means Amen Street is a restaurant that serves the best seafood available. It’s always fresh and whenever possible, a local catch. Being a sustainable seafood restaurant also means Amen Street believes in featuring seafood entrees with fish that are abundantly available and “in season”.
It’s kind of like only buying fruit that’s in season: stawberries in the spring and apples in the fall are more available and you can expect them to be fresh and tasty. Same goes for fish: certain types of fish are more readily available in local waters at certain times of the year.  As the initiative simply states, “The fresher the fish, the more local it is, and therefore more sustainable!” In season fish are safe to catch and enjoy without the risk of catching and eating too much, which can drain entire underwater populations. Sustainable seafood is the only way to go.

If you recently dined off of Amen Street’s lunch and dinner specials, you may have particulary enjoyed the frequent and unique Flounder and Snapper entrees. So much more goes into creating Amen’s daily specials than meets the eye!

Flounder and Snapper made the “specials” cut not only because of how delicious they are, but because they are both ranked as “greatest available” in the month of September by the Sustainable Seafood Initiative guidelines. As if you really needed another reason to enjoy Amen Street, you know you can always satisfy your belly and your conscious.

Enjoy some super fresh Snapper this weekend at Amen Street. Check out our daily specials to see what Chef Ollard has dreamed up.

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