Lunch in Charleston SC | Amen Street Serves Best Lunch Downtown

Lunch in Downtown Charleston SC Amen serves you only the best lunch in town.

How often do you experience this?

12:00 rolls around, your stomach is growling and the last thing you really want to eat is a turkey sandwich in front of your computer, BUT you do anyway.

Instead of begrudgingly accepting this routine, shake things up and try Amen Street for lunch. Amen opens at 11:30 and serves lunch until late afternoon. Chef Stephen Ollard creates inspired lunch specials each day with a great local catches or must-have, in season fish from faraway. This week, he created unique lunch specials with Red Porgy, Swordfish and Arctic Char, all served with two incredible sides each. Amen’s quick, friendly and welcoming staff can deliver your plate direct to the table, for a quick but delicious lunch.

Amen’s fresh, perfectly portioned lunch specials are $13 a plate or under. Yup, a full service, gourmet lunch on East Bay Street for just $13. If you are looking for lighter fare with a smaller budget, order a bowl of She-Crab soup and a Marinated Tomato Salad. Or if it’s red meat you crave in the afternoon, you must order the Amen Burger, a favorite among Amen Street’s visitors. Amen also has the cure the afternoon after the long night: the Amen Street Spicy Bloody Mary, filled to the brim and stacked high with okra. It can be a satisfying lunch all in itself.

Amen’s doors stay open straight through the afternoon. If you have the luxury of a free afternoon, linger longer and enjoy a plate from the Raw Bar or a split a bottle of wine.

See what’s on Amen Street’s lunch menu today. Check back for daily specials.

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