An Appetite for Appetizers at Amen Street, Charleston SC

Amen Street in Charleston SC is known for fresh fish entrees, but these favorite dishes can also be found in smaller portions on our appetizer menu.  Whether you are looking to sample culinary delights before an entree or want to make a meal out of combining several appetizers, our wide selection of fresh seafood starters are simply mouth-watering!

We can’t talk about our appetizers without beginning with our Famous Shrimp Corndogs.  Whenever we mention them on Amen’s Facebook page, it is very clear they are a fan favorite! Our Shrimp Corndogs are served with Carolina mustard, lemon pepper ketchup and Napa Slaw making them a great choice for an appetizer or lunch meal.  (Don’t take just our word for it, check out the recommendations on our Facebook page!)

Another popular starter is our Crispy Jumbo Calamari. Our unique combination of ingredients and presentation have earned our calamari appetizer high praise from our patrons.  Served with corn, tomato, bacon, green onion and topped with lemon aioli, our Crispy Jumbo Calamari can be easily shared or enjoyed as a complete meal.

As you can see from our restaurant decor and extensive menu, we love Oysters at Amen Street!  You simply have to sample our fresh oysters when you dine here.  Whether you slurp ’em down raw or enjoy them crispy fried, our raw bar menu and starter menu always has the best oysters that are harvested both locally and from the best farms in the country.

Crab Cakes may be an appetizer staple on most seafood restaurant menus, but we like to create our own twist on tradition at Amen Street.  Our crab cakes are served with sweet onion remoulade and marinated tomatoes; the combination of flavors pop in your mouth to give the old standby a fresh new taste.

If decadent is your idea of a great appetizer then you might want to check out our fresh Mussels.  Served with garlic, tomato, white wine, herbs and a grilled baguette, our mussels are both light and rich.  Order for the table to share or keep them to yourself – either way, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Stop in to Amen Street for drinks and appetizers at the bar or in our dining room.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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