Barramundi and Sheepshead on the Menu

Amen Street has some amazing specials this weekend, including a few selections you may have never seen or eaten. It’s a great weekend to branch out and try something new.

First up is Blackened Sheepshead with a Boursin Cheese Grit Cake, Braised Tatsoi and Swiss Chard.

You read that correct. While you may have an initial feeling of confusion, we assure you that it Sheepshead is indeed a fish, and a delicious one at that.  Sheepshead is very plentiful just down the coast from us in both the Atlantic and Gulf waters surrounding Florida. The taste of Sheepshead is likened to crab or lobster. Its taste is so similar, it can even be used in place of crabmeat.

This dish has a little sweetness from the Sheepshead and Cheese Grit Cake. A sharp tasting veggie duo: familiar Swiss Chard with new kid on the block green, Tatsoi, a relative of broccoli and brussels. The fish’s spicy blackened rub rounds out this dish’s full circle of flavor. It’s a really awesome one to try this weekend.

Next we have Pan Roasted Barramundi with Sweet & Sour Peppers and Chef Ollard’s signature Popcorn Rice.

Barramundi is also known as Asian Seabass or Giant Perch.  It is a sweet, mild white fish that “takes on the taste of the water in which it was raised” per the Seafood Choices Alliance. Barramundi is an extremely sustainable fish, which is right up our alley. The pan roasted preparation of the Barramundi brings its flavor out nicely and tastes great with the peppers’ bright pop of flavor.

If red meat is your preference, order the Ribeye this weekend with roasted tomato butter and whipped potatoes.

Mmmmm… Check the rest of our specials out here.

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