Calamari, Corndogs and Hushpuppies

Sometimes you just crave the finer things in life: fried foods. At Amen Street, you can find surprisingly light, amazingly satisfying fried appetizers and sides. Executive Chef Stephen Ollard adds a unique flair to some fried favorites…

Take Amen Street’s spin on the corndog. This is far from baseball game fare. The first difference would be what’s inside the delicious cornmeal batter. Instead of a hot dog, you have yourself a big piece of fresh, local shrimp. The shrimp is hand bread and lightly fried ’til it’s a delicious golden brown. The Shrimp Corndogs are served with napa slaw, home made yellow Carolina mustard and lemon pepper ketchup. Fried shrimp on a stick: ask yourself if it gets much better than that.

Amen Street’s Fried Calamari is not a typical presentation of thin rings and twists with marinara sauce. Here it’s served in a beautiful white bowl, piled high with jumbo pieces of tender calamari, inside a crispy casing. The calamari is topped with a creamy lemon aioli sauce, corn, tomato, green onion and bacon. Although this dish is classified as an appetizer, you’ll probably want the entire bowl for yourself. This calamari makes a lasting impression. Just ask bloggers Anna, Beth and Alix (who created her own recipe!)

Lastly, try Amen’s Hush Puppies: flavorful cornmeal balls, rolled to the perfect size and fried to perfection. They are served with local honey; I recommend you skip the drizzle, and go straight to dunking. The sweet honey and savory hushpuppies are the perfect marriage. These hushpuppies are great accompaniment to everything from oysters, salads and platters. What’s a  lowcountry seafood restaurant without hushpuppies?

Stop in to Amen Street this weekend and find your own fried favorites.

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