Best Fresh Local Oysters at Amen Street Charleston SC

Fresh local oysters are a specialty at Amen Street Fish & Rawbar Charleston, SC.   According to the Department of National Resources, the season to begin harvesting clams and oysters along the South Carolina coast begins on October 1, 2012.  And, as folks in the Lowcountry know, this also marks the beginning of gathering around a table of oysters, shucking and slurping with friends!

Although some locals may say shucking your own oysters is part of the overall experience, plenty of others are  happy to leave the shucking to serious shucking experts such as the crew found at our raw bar.  While to shuck or not shuck your own oysters may be debatable, we’re pretty sure everyone agrees on the slurping…it’s the only way to go with raw oysters.  Before throwing it right down the hatch, give the oyster a few chews to experience the unique taste.

With the official kick off of the South Carolina oyster and clam harvest season almost a month in full swing, Amen Street guests can enjoy local, sustainable, fresh oysters and clams hailing from the best harvesters in Capers Bay, Bulls Bay Cups, Edisto and Beaufort, to name a few.

Amen Street offers oysters year-round from local harvesters, as well as, farms all over the country that use sustainable methods.  The large variety of oysters available on our raw bar menu allows guests to sample a range of oysters that vary in taste and flavor. Referring to our oyster menu in a recent article in Eat This!, Chef Stephen Ollard said,  “We treat it like wine. Each oyster has a terroir (native locale) as each wine does. We let people sample oysters like they would sample wine…the oyster list we carry, most people have not tried these oysters.”

Whatever your preference in oyster flavor, we know you will find it at Amen Street’s Raw Bar.  Happy Slurping, Charleston!

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