Best Seafood Charleston South Carolina, Calamari at Amen Street!

Best Seafood Charleston, South Carolina’s fresh seafood is exactly what you will find at Amen Street Fish and Rawbar.  Our patrons love our fresh oysters, local shrimp and weekly chef specials, but one of our most popular starters on our menu is our crunchy calamari.  So, what makes Amen Street’s calamari so delicious?

Chef Stephen Ollard uses squid steaks (not tubes or tentacles) which are the most tender and flavorful part of the squid. He prepares the steaks by quickly frying them and then tossing them with fresh tomatoes, bacon, sweet corn, scallions and a lemon aioli.  We told ya….delicious! As if that wasn’t reason enough to try our most popular starter, calamari is rich in protein and high in potassium as well as vitamins A and C.  Yup, even better!

Perfect before your dinner entrée in our dining room or a great choice for an appetizer at the bar, our crunchy calamari always delivers on mouth-watering flavor.  While it can easily be shared with your tablemate, we should warn you to be quick with your fork. Without a doubt, it will be a fight to the very last piece!

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