Valentine’s Day Date Downtown Charleston at Amen Street

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? Does your evening include a trip to downtown Charleston to Amen Street? Our little fresh seafood restaurant makes a great date spot, for more reasons than one.

First, let’s consider our lovely ambiance. Dark, romantic woodwork, soft natural lighting and chic decor score instant points on the date ranking scale. If you snag a table, a seat in a big booth or a high top spot in our Oyster Room,  you’re promised a comfortable, cozy fine dining experience.

If you find your date has an aversion to seafood, not to worry. The Amen Street menu offers choices that seafood lovers and carnivores can agree on. Though our specialty is fresh seafood, we satisfy meat-and-potato cravings as well. Take the Amen Burger, for instance, a juicy patty topped with cheese and bacon- if you please, served with our signature flat top potatoes. Or the Petite Beef Filet, served with whipped potatoes and fresh veggies. Don’t forget dessert- these sweet masterpieces have been known to make a great meal by themselves.

The biggest benefit for choosing Amen Street as your Valentines Day date spot: our oysters. Notoriously known as an aphrodiasic, recent reports also suggest that oysters’ high zinc levels give your body an immunity boost and create a natural calming effect. Very few foods boast the same benefits. You’d have to eat five cups of pumpkin seeds to get the same amount of zinc in just one oyster. Low in calorie, heart-healthy and just plain delicious… and now you can impress your date with oyster trivia.

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