Sustainable Seafood: It’s What’s for Dinner

The city of Charleston is literally below sea level. This can be a bit scary during hurricane season, but it means we have access to super fresh fish year round. Most Charlestonians would agree, the risk is of a storm is worth the promise of some of the world’s greatest seafood.

Not to brag or anything, but Amen Street is one of the few elite restaurants selected to host a South Carolina Aquarium Sustainable Seafood Dinner this summer. Amen Street is a Platinum Restaurant Partner, making the cut for two reasons. The first being, they get fresh seafood shipments daily; the second being, they only buy from fisherman who practice sustainable fishing. In short, this means Amen Street ensures their guests have a fresh catch each day and the next generation of Amen diners will too.

The SC Aquarium Sustainable Seafood Initiative raises awareness of overfishing and teaches fisherman, restaurants and families how to “fish for the future”.  If we overfish, our dinner plates, wallets and oceans will feel devastating effects. For a city that lives, breathes and loves its waterways, serious attention should be paid to the Sustainable Seafood Initiative.

Amen’s evening in the spotlight is June 14th. Chef Ollard is preparing a five course meal with specially selected wine pairings. Fresh on the menu is bass, littleneck clams, red porgy and grouper. Tickets are $55 a person. Call 843-853-8600 for reservations.

Celebrate the initiative and taste the best of Charleston’s seafood, knowing there will be fresh fish for years to come.

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