Fear of Restaurant Commitment?

In a recent poll of Charleston men and women, many reported “fear of committing to a restaurant” as their #1 phobia. Basically these people would rather go head-to-head with a spider or give a speech than choose a restaurant for dinner Friday night.

Amen Street is here to help conquer your fear of finding a restaurant. We are among the top Charleston restaurants who participate in Charleston Culinary Tours. Charleston Culinary Tours get the scary part out of the way. They’ve already narrowed the overwhelming list of area restaurants down to four or five of the best.

While on a tour, you will test small plates directly off the restaurants’ menu.  If the food doesn’t speak for itself, tour guides Glenn and Oscar pepper in history of the town and the cuisine. This two and a half hour tour gives you the tastes and information to make a painless dining decision in the future.

Charleston Culinary Tours aren’t just for out-of-towners, locals love them too. If you’d like to hop on the next tour, make reservations here. All tours start at our sister restaurant, Southend Brewery and Smokehouse and conclude at Amen Street.  Bring a notepad, a camera and a friend and consider your fear overcome.

A recent out of town visitor, Chef Christian Russo, took a Charleston Culinary Tour and documented the experience. Check out what he had to say. If you’ve been through Amen Street on a tour, upload your pictures and tell us what you liked!

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