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Try The Best Fresh Shrimp In Charleston, SC!

Looking for the best fresh shrimp in Charleston, SC? At Amen Street, we have a wide variety of dishes featuring shrimp sourced from local providers. Dine in tonight, and experience what makes us one of the best seafood restaurants in Charleston!

Lowcountry Connections

fresh shrimp

What makes shrimp at Amen Street special? It just might be the restaurant’s attention to responsible sourcing, local providers, and quality in the kitchen. With seasonal shrimp sourced from Karl Denney of the Fresh Shrimp Co., Amen Street offers a true taste of the Lowcountry.

When local shrimp are in season, Amen Street’s homemade ceviche is the perfect highlight. Packed with flavor and served over mesclun greens, this Ceviche is unlike any other. For a more traditional take, our Peel and Eat shrimp are simply irresistible. Order fresh shrimp by the half-pound, served of course with a side of cocktail sauce and lemon—or enjoy your shrimp among our other fresh seafood selections with the Amen Sampler.

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Tradition Meets Innovation

Flash in a Pan Piralou

While Amen Street offers some of the best fresh shrimp dishes that are classically Charleston, we are no stranger to producing new takes on old favorites, either. The shrimp entrée items you’ll find on our Dinner Menu are prepared with the finest, responsibly harvested Gulf shrimp during the off-season.

Guests can choose from an array of shrimp dishes rooted in the flavors of the South Carolina coast. Sample a handcrafted version of Shrimp & Grits, made with andouille sausage and served over local Geechie Boy grits. Or try other great choices, like our Shrimp & Mushroom Risotto, made with locally-grown Mepkin Abbey shitake mushrooms and a to-die-for white wine sauce. And of course, there’s our famous Shrimp Corndogs and Fried Seafood Platter to round out all of your shrimp bases.

Experience Amen Street

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From Charleston favorites to exciting creations, Amen Street has the best shrimp dish for anyone! Visit us today for unmatched local flavor, backed by a commitment to service, sustainability and culinary tradition.

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