Amen Street’s Promotes Sustainability With Oyster Recycling Program

Amen Street is committed to offering some of the best seafood in Charleston, SC. We work with many local providers to bring our guests the freshest seafood and oysters. But we understand that our local seafood resources are not infinite. We feel blessed to have the great resources we have, but it’s important to act to help ensure sustainability. For this reason, we recycle all of our oyster shells with the help of Sea Island Oyster Company. Read on to learn more about our seafood options and oyster recycling program!

The Best Seafood In Charleston, SC


Located downtown on East Bay Street, Amen Street’s lunch and dinner menus offer Charleston classics like Shrimp and Grits as well as chef-inspired house specialties like our Lowcountry Seafood Stew. We also have an expansive Fish and Raw Bar with many fresh menu options. We work with local fishermen to source our raw bar and seafood dishes, including oysters, clams, shrimp, and fresh fish.

A Wide Selection Of Oysters

You can get oysters almost anywhere in Charleston. But for the widest selection of oysters from Charleston and all along the Eastern seaboard, Amen Street is the only way to go. We offer half or full dozen oysters with many varieties from the Carolinas to New England, and many places in between.

What Do We Do With Our Oyster Shells?

You may enjoy eating an oyster or twelve, but you may not know what we do with all of our oyster shells once they’ve been enjoyed. We certainly don’t just throw them away! Rather, we are proud to work with Sea Island Oyster Company to recycle them as part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability.

About Our Oyster Recycling Program

oyster shells

Each week, our patrons enjoy dozens and dozens of oysters. In fact, at the end of each week, we usually have 8-10 bushels ready for Ryan of Sea Island Oyster Company to pick up! By the end of the year, Ryan will put over 300 bushels from Amen Street back into the environment. These recycled shells help to create new habitats for oysters, crabs, and other marine life—and they make our local oysters a truly sustainable product.

Of course, the safety and health of our local oysters is paramount. With this in mind, Ryan holds out-of-state oyster shells for six months to prevent any bacteria or diseases from coming from out-of-state waters into our waters here in Charleston.

Eat Your Fill Of Oysters!

When you eat oysters with us, you can rest easy knowing that you’re enjoying a product that is giving back to the environment and helping to create even more delicious oysters! We’ll see you tonight!

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