Local ‘Single Lady’ Oysters at Amen Street

At Amen Street Fish & Raw Bar we’re serious about sustainability. When it comes to the ingredients that go into the items on our Menu, we look for only the freshest, most in-season produce and seafood, and we take pride in sourcing locally as much as possible so we can support the fishermen, farmers and artisans that support us.

The Amen Street name is synonymous with fresh oysters, but we wouldn’t be able to offer such a large variety of these delectable bivalves without the local and regional oyster farmers who grow unique and delicious varieties in estuaries right here in the Lowcountry. One of our current favorites is the “Single Lady” oyster, grown by Lady’s Island Oysters, located in Beaufort, SC. The owners of Lady’s Island Oysters, Frank and Ross Roberts, derived the sassy “Single Lady” name both from the island where their farm is located, and the unique way they raise and harvest their crop.

When oysters spawn in the wild, the new oysters will attach themselves to the nearest hard surface and stay there throughout their lifecycle. Oftentimes this means attaching themselves to the shell of other oysters, forming clusters that continue to grow as more oysters spawn. At Lady’s Island Oysters, the baby oysters are carefully separated before they can attach, giving them more room to grow and providing oyster connoisseurs with a plumper, fresher oyster. Being single isn’t so bad!

We love working with local and regional oyster farms because oysters just like the Single Lady help to clean the waters in and around the Lowcountry. Each adult oyster can filter up to 60 gallons of ocean water per day, naturally purifying and clearing it of algae and debris. It’s nice to know that while you’re enjoying freshly shucked oysters on the half shell at our raw bar, or throwing back a savory Oyster Shooter, you’re also helping to preserve the ecosystems that thrive here in our waters! Join us for lunch,happy hour or dinner-it’s always a good time to enjoy some tasty oysters with your favorite glass of wine, bubbly or brew!

We look forward to seeing you soon at Amen Street!  To reserve your table, please call our restaurant at 843-853-8600 or online

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